Southern Touraine, Centre Val de Loire in France






Villages in our part of Southern Touraine



Neuilly Le-Brignon



Betz le Chateau







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Saint Flovier


Le Petit Pressigny

  La Celle St-Avant



La Celle-Guenand


Le Grand-Pressigny



Saint Flovier




'The Old Walnut Mill'- Location within the Loire Valley   


Driving directions



If driving from Paris take the A10 motorway (Paris-Bordeaux),  exit at junction 25 Ste-Maure-de-Touraine. After exit head towards Ste-Maure-de-Touraine but take exit marked for Loches at the roundabout just outside town. At next roundabout (only a short distance along Loches road) take exit for D910 'Descartes'. Drive on until you reach La -Celle-Saint-Avant. At roundabout outside of town take exit to left D750 'Descartes'. Continue on this road, partly by-pass the town using the D31. Follow road in direction of Le Blanc and Le Grand Pressigny, you will have to negotiate a few twists and turns through the town before going back onto  D750,continue on this road until you arrive in Barrou. Once you arrive in Barrou you will pass the service station and road to Le Grande Pressigny on your left, the house is the second set of gates on the left after this.





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Author: Jim Craig